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Knockout Integration

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The Knockout Integration project sample is my approach to how one can integrate Knockout.JS with WinJS.

In its current state, the sample contains the following:
  • A WinJS app that uses Knockout.JS, RequireJS and JQuery for a braindead, simple to do list interface.
  • The todo list view model and todo list item view models are written using Knockout.JS.
  • A presenter is used to provide an integration point between the view models and the WinJS interface. At this point, many of the WinJS ListView events and UI events are handled in the presenter and have not been moved into the ViewModel layer.


The project includes a few helper modules that help the integration process.
  • template-utils.js - this file includes a method that allows a developer to use Knockout-style templates as a <script type='text/html'>...</script> DOM tag. Very simple, but helpful function.
  • ko.observablearray.subscribe.js - includes more granular notifications from the ko.observablearray
  • knockoutObservableArrayAdapter.js - a WinJS IListDataAdapter implementation for Knockout's observable array

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